THE ASK: Connect an audience to a global brand in a way that wasn't possible three years ago.

THE FACTS: When floating in the ocean, PET (polyurethane, an ingredient found in all single-use plastic) increases water temperature, which is causing icebergs to melt. Melting icebergs lead to rising sea levels.

THE INSIGHT: Most people believe in climate change, but do not understand how an iceberg melting 5000 miles from them will affect their daily life.

THE BIG IDEA - Partner National Geographic with S'well water bottles to create a global movement that combats climate change and rising sea levels by reducing the accumulation of single-use plastic in our oceans.

IN A NUTSHELL: 7 water bottles illustrating current and future impact of rising sea levels. 23% of proceeds to the NRDC. Endless ways to get involved.